Sugar, Candy, Halloween!

What is your plan for Halloween? Did you buy the candy already?

If you bought the candy, did you buy what you don’t like?  Or did you buy what you do so you don’t waste money, just in case it doesn’t go on Halloween?

Will you waste it or waist it? Is it worth it? How about buying glow sticks or water to give out? Buy what you don’t like and give away to a local dentist, nursing facility etc what is left over?

Eat for energy, stay active and do what makes YOU feel good without shame or guilt.

Share your thoughts.

Author: Reset Motivation LLC

I am a certified Health Coach - I guide and help clients transform their behavior to live a healthier, more energized life style. I do this without deprivation or supplements. This is a fun, easy doable process. Choose to live a more vibrant life today!

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